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Millenium Web Meetings

Millenium Web Meetings is the must-go meeting-point for fans of new technologies and new communication means. Its growing success during the Millenium festival made us decide to organise an edition specifically dedicated to a new genre of storytelling from 1 – 5 December 2016.

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Thursday 1 December: BelgianGamesCafe (http://goo.gl/TNEzUc)
Friday 2 - Sunday 4 December: The Cross-Over Lab (inscriptions closed)
Monday 5 December: Pioneering Master class on New Fields of Interactive Storytelling (http://goo.gl/OKZ4ZW)

Scroll down to learn more about the BelgianGamesCafe and the master class!

The Cross-Over Lab

The main happening of the event is the 3-day’s Cross-Over Lab, during which participants will have 48 hours to develop the prototype of a GameDoc; the product we get when the genres of web-documentary and video-game get married, combining a factual message with and playful interactivity. The creation of this hybrid demands a multitude of talents to collaborate, such as an author, a game designer, a graphic designer, and a web-developer!

To give a conceptual direction to the teams, the theme of the lab is « The Tower of Babel »: How to live together in the modern megapolis?

At the end of the Cross-Over Lab a professional jury, presided by David Dufresne, will judge the pitches and hand out different awards: 2.000 euro for the further development of one of the projects, one award by RTBF for mentorship until further completion, and one award by KissKissBankBank for support in creating your own crowdfund campaign.

Convinced already? Inscribe for participation in the Cross-Over Lab directly via this link:

The Tower of Babel // How to live together in the megapolis of tomorrow?

How to live together in the modern megapolis? The theme of this first edition is derived from the geographical and cultural position of Brussels. The people in this city have the habit of understanding and speaking various languages in their daily life. And the only way of living together in a correct manner is by cooperating and learning to communicate with each other. We are therefore posing the question _how we can live together in the modern megapolis that our cities represent tomorrow.

The theme is not more then a guide around which you can knit and thus not restricted to Brussels as city. It will need a good angle of attack, an interesting gameplay, an original and artistic direction, and a stable support.

Share your concept and create a team!

If you want to participate, either as a team or as an individual, go to our Cross-Over Forum(http://lab.milleniumwebmeetings.org) where you can already present your project’s idea, pose questions to other users, and form teams for the days of the competition.

The call for entries for the Cross-Over Lab is open until Sunday the 20th of November. On the 23rd of November we will announce the participating teams.

Note that if you are selected you will have to bring the technical and material equipement that you will need, but that we will have kits of VR development at our disposition! And don’t hesitate to think outside the box!


The Cross-Over Lab

Brussels 2 - 4 December, 2016
Call for entries: until Sunday 27th of November
€30 for participation in the Lab (including accomodation + meals)

Want to inscribe for the Cross-Over Lab? Click here:

Want to meet others on the forum? Click here:

Want to know more? Have a question? Shoot us a mail at:

For who: all pros and amateurs dedicated to documentary, journalism, gaming, (graphic) design and web-development.

Theme: The Tower of Babel: How to live together in the modern megapolis?


We celebrate innovative ways of interactive storytelling in Brussels through a master class, network evenings, pitch sessions and the Cross-Over Lab: A challenge in which 6 - 10 teams create a GameDoc prototype under the theme of “The Tower of Babel” within 48 hours.


A multitude of talents will collaborate with each other: authors with a vision, game designers who know all the secrets of gameplay into the details, graphic designers who can bring the prototype to live, and web-developers to get the prototype on its feet!


Together with you we want to explore, exchange and develop new ideas about true GameDocs created from the very beginning of the project. We also want to connect skilful participants with decision-makers to give the projects born during the Cross-Over Lab a future.


Meet other creative innovators

Not only is the Millenium Web Meetings an excellent opportunity to try-out this original genre of storytelling, it is also a great chance for making contacts in the field of interactive web-creations. We encourage creative encounters, which is the reason that we invite participants, professionals and amateurs to participate in our events! In short, it is the occasion to push an emerging, incredibly exciting genre forward with the goal of giving a helping hand in its diffusion.

Join the master class and award ceremony

As part of the Millenium Web Meetings, David Dufresne will give a master class on Monday 5th of December. As creator of "Fort McMoney" and his latest project DADA-DATA, David Dufresne has collaborated with the Millenium Web Meetings various times in the past years. The master class is the opportunity for fans of new technologies to learn from the forerunner in this genre. The master class will be followed by the announcement of the winning Cross-Over Lab teams and a drink to celebrate the end of the event.

Full program to be announced soon

We will soon present the detailed program to you on our page, so make sure to keep an eye open.